10. Delia Puiatti (Australie)


10.1 Join the festivities !

S1 - I am travelling, meeting many, many people, making friends and enjoying their company. I am seeing many things, and there is some huge event going on, which is quite busy and festive. The people and things happening seem endless, and the space out there is vast.


10.2 Units of an integrated whole

S2 - I am shown/told that each of us, every individual, is like a hexagon (hexagonal unit) in a beehive/honeycomb. This illustrates how interconnected we are, and how we all form a whole, integrated and inseperable.



I would like to submit my dream which I incubated for the Planetary Dreaming on Dec 22, 2006. Unfortunately, I do not recall all the details, possibly due to being overly tired in general. However I did come away with one very, very clear gift, and a strong sense of what felt like a sort of travelling.



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