14. Britta (USA)

Night 1 : Changing It All

Saw a shining figure above the planet from the point of view of outer space. Every time the figure changed in some way, the entire planet was affected. I have no details except that it happened over and over as if impressing on me that a real change in being (not just doing) changed everything. This is true for each person as well.


Night 2 : Wives, Cars, Time, and a Cat

Was on the computer IM'ing a woman I don't know well and asked her how she got started in computers. It changed to us speaking in person and I handed her a maroon satin skirt with a question on it written in ink. We were on the ground floor of a building with lots of dark wood paneling and doors to the outside--like a bank. There was another woman at a desk, perhaps typing, who asked what time it was. I looked at my watch and both my new friend and I said it was a few minutes after 5--time to leave. This surprised the other woman who thought it was earlier, about 4 pm.

As we walked outside I saw 4 women who were co-wives and I thought about how a man could deal with having so many. I also knew the sister of one of them and wondered where she was. The scene changed and I was then looking at old cars with the wives. The man may have also been there. The cars were of different eras and had interesting paint jobs but at least one had grease spots all over it. Two had dark stripes, and some had been refurbished in some way. I wondered which one would be bought. One may have been a small truck or changed into one. There was a '90 model that looked retro and a '64 sedan that I liked best. The striped ones were blue and green and the one with greasy spots was a blue-ish gray.

Right then my cat woke me up wanting to go out and I checked the time. It was 5:04 AM.


Night 3 : Not Traveling Alone

Was driving my car (my very first one that I still have after 30 years) and appreciating it a lot. It was a beautiful day in a small town and I turned left at the signal light on the main street. I pulled over and parked in order to pick up some friends but thought they had all left me. I got out and the vehicle changed into some sort of pickup truck. My friends appeared; there were five of us and we loaded up. I reorganized the bags, handed out blankets and supplies, and told/asked an Asian man to get rid of the empty bottles. He did, then climbed into the back with two blonde women while an Asian woman got into the front cab with me. I don't know where we were going but I was very glad they were all with me. I was driving.


I am 47, white, female, from the USA. My first car is a '65 Chevy named Arabella.



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