18. Jo Harthan  (Angleterre)



Four hatchlings but one is dead


I crack open an egg onto a plate or dish. There seems to be two yokes and the albumen is white, expanded and fluffy as though it’s been cooked. I take a closer look. To my amazement I see a tiny bird running around in it. It’s dark brown and looks like a miniature pheasant (female). I exclaim, “Oh no, the egg must have been fertilised. I bet it wasn’t ready to hatch !” I so hope the hatchling will survive. On closer inspection I now see that there are four of them, but one of them is a dark grey colour and is dead. I remove it carefully so as not to startle the remaining three.


Here are a few thought on my dream submitted for the Planetary Dreaming (see below). I’m reminded of the saying, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.” Also reminded of what Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) says to his employees, “Be creative, break things !” I think this dream has a powerful personal message for me, especially as it links so closely with a shamanic journey involving Owl. But, like most dreams, it will also have a wider message and it’s this I want to explore as it came in response to the Planetary Dreaming intention. All comments are welcome :)
Eggs usually symbolise new life or new creative projects. The twin yokes may symbolise double nourishment, i.e. a lot of effort is going into this project. Plots are hatched but I cracked the egg/plot open before it was ready to come into the world. Did one of the hatchlings die because I broke the egg or was it already dead inside the egg ? As it was dark grey, I’m thinking it must have been dead for a while. Maybe my breaking the egg saved the other three ? An intact egg containing a dead hatchling would soon become putrid. So how does this relate to the wider world ? Is there a plan to bring new life to our planet but the project (whatever it is) is still in the incubation phase ? Is it possible that if the project is not brought into the world speedily, it will not survive ? Does it mean that we must act much more quickly than we thought was necessary ? Is it that a part of the project needs to be eliminated/sacrificed so that the rest can flourish ? As the egg seemed to be cooked, is this relating to global warming ? Synchronistically, this morning I was reading “Lavender” by Judy Gardiner. It’s a mammoth book and I’ve been reading a couple of chapters whenever I have time over the past few weeks. Today I read Chapter 80 p.387. Here’s an extract : “”Penelope,” replied Madame Curie, “egg yolks are one of the better sources of sulfur. You haven’t recognised them yet, but we know you have hatched quite a nest of egg dreams by now.” The book goes on to explain that the sulfur (sulphur) connection is related to increased volcanic activity on our planet.

Transmis par Harry Bosma
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