3. Juhani Kaariainen (Suède)


Nuit du 20 au 21/12/12

Réveil à 4 heures

Couple de moineaux


1. 1 Halving the destruction

(Destruction réduite de moitié)


1. I walked on the Swedish bikeway.
2. About 5-6 people were there too.
3. One hooligan teen boy destroyed bikeway's alley trees one by one.
4. I asked him what bad those trees have done to you.
5. The boy continued by kicking on the next solitary tree along the alley.
6. The tree bented from left over the bikeway to right.
7. The boy continued kicking.
8. On the left was probably unhabited tiny cottage.
9. I suggested the boy should focus on that cottage instead.
10. The boy started the destruction work by kicking it.

11. Somehow the boy changed to a female sparrow (moineau femelle).
12. Next tiny bush-like tree had an old bird nest.
13. The sparrow started repair the old nest.
14. Another male sparrow flew towards the nest.
15. He began to help the lady sparrow.

16. Vague feeling that the a new family building is on the way.
(Vague sentiment que la construction d'une nouvelle famille est sur la voie)



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