2. Ralph Penderak (Allemagne)

Sweet Uplifting Peace
(Douce paix élévatrice)


8 H - I am in a house, enter a small floor. An attractive young blonde haired lady enters the floor from another room. She goes straight down the floor, I walk before her, trying to make place for her, somewhat stumbling over my feet. On the end of the floor is a small chamber, I'm entering to get out of her way. She follows me and half closes the door. Now that we are here I think it would be a good idea to finally kiss my neighbour and do it. It is a sweet kiss, I hug her tenderly, and she embraces me too. I feel her sweet physical presence. She whispers something like : "Will you do that more often from now on?" I think about it and rather won't. I remember relation with my beloved spouse, and I'm sure, she has a relation too. Won't spoil that all. But for another moment I hold her and kiss her cheeks, just to give tender sweetness and enjoy this sweet moment. Then we leave the chamber and she ask me, if I can help her and look at her room. I agree and we go back down the floor. As she opens the door of her small room, I see two mattresses lying on the floor with the bedding still not made and all kinds of stuff chattered. There is a large roof window. I ask myself how one could live this way. She says, she has problems with the heating. I promise to work on that.
I awake and shortly recall the dream, with an inner smile about the sweet pacific action with my dream neighbour. Then I turn right and I feel filled with a gently startling energy, I know something extraordinary is going to happen. I focus one more time on the picture of globe and dove, and sink into it, then feel lifted for a short time, as if leaving my body, while I still see the peaceful image. But can't prolong and stabilise the sensation of being out.
So, I enjoy for a moment the deep relaxation after the short "take-off."
Then I feel like getting a frontal flush with oil (like in Ayurvedic medicine), but I'm standing, so the oil is running down my body. So, I think, now I have it all : the neighbour pacific action, the global peace and my mother (who currently works with Ayurvedic flushes). OK. I get up.

Contexte et commentair

Now for the first time in months I do the divided night/MILD /WILD exercise (WILD = Wake Induced Lucid Dream).
I get up at 5 H and can't recall dreams. Stay awake until 6 H, working on dream - related emails, checking the oniros.fr site for information on solstice dreaming.
My intention :
I will dream for peace participating in the planetary solstice dreaming : "This night (morning) in my dreams, I will make peace with myself and accomplish a pacific action toward my neighbour."
I will dream of my mother especially to create a more peaceful relation. My intention is also to visit the WorldDreamsPeaceBridge reservoir and to work on establishing a door in a mutual dream city of More Lucid Dreams project (if I can achieve stable lucidity)
In bed (6 H) : Filling awareness batteries with pot shaped breathing, doing the 61 points relaxation. 21 affirmations : "Next time I'm dreaming I will remember to recognise, I'm dreaming." Nonetheless drift off frequently, dream really interesting snippets, one of them a false awakening, forget them, until I finally have and remember a longer dream, then a short WILD, or better said, on the border between hypnagogic imagery and a WILD.
Get up at 8 H 30.

A successful incubation. I seem to be getting into the lucid mood again and successfully work towards having WILDs at will. Peace can be a very sweet and uplifting experience ;)
Maybe should ask my mother for an Ayurvedic flush, now she has learned that. Why didn't that dawn on me earlier ? Not all my incubation goals are achieved. But I'm satisfied with this.
Enjoy visiting my website ! Find chosen (lucid) dream reports, a report of the Maui DreamCamp -Lucidity Institute in 2001, impressions from ASDreams meeting 8/2002, links, etc.

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Autres commentaires
Wish, I could speak French as well as English. But my mother tongue is German. Just want to make that clear (you thought me being from US, I'm actually from Germany, if that matters anyhow).
I wish I could understand the French dreams, only had French one year in school, that was two decades ago. So, I hope there is some time left for comments, I'm currently working the night shift as a nurse and then it is New Years celebration.
I thought I have given some details on the incubation. I'm not writing that much on interpretation. It is more the emotional side, the mood of these dreams, important for me. Peace must, no, don't say must. Peace can be found in my everyday life.
First part of the dream does reflect my personal situation and the loving, tender and peaceful development of relation with my spouse. And maybe goes somewhat deeper into getting into peace with my female side...
The third part relates to peace with my mother. And I'm glad, that peace grew since my dream. I worked with her on completing her Ayurveda - massage table the day after the dream. But we didn't get to using it ;(
In the second part of dream I half wake up and return to the image of globe and dove, as it is displayed on your website. This part represents for me the more global aspect of peace, of dreaming for peace. This part of dream shows for me, I (we) might find peace in leaving body, what I would take literal, but also translate with transcending ego, find peace in getting lifted into a global or cosmic) consciousness.
From my dreaming history I can say, that especially lucid dreams, WILDs or OBEs have the power to let you experience peace. Lucid dreamers often encounter shape shifting, shifting ("morphing") of dream - body, being animal, child, man, woman, old, just a dot of consciousness or just everything.
If war is something, which derives from dualism, from hanging on to my ego, like the Buddhists say, then dreams, especially lucid dreams, may have the power to let me (you) experience consciously how to let go of ego. And maybe find peace, go deeper into peace in this way. I had such dreams and maybe it is we don't need much, but to let go into peace. Sounds so simple. But the way there, at least for me, is a lot of work. The good news is, we can learn how to active dream, we can learn how to lucid dream and open up for peace in our lives in this way.
Paix et rÍve lucide pour tout le monde ! Keep on your good work, Roger and everybody ! Ralf

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