4. Joanne Champagne (Canada)

Gloomy City (ville lugubre)


Early morning hours - I am visiting a relative I have never met before; all I know is that she is my aunt. She lives in a city that is grey, gloomy and silent. I arrive at her apartment building. Everything looks sad, dead and drab. The building is very tall (seems about 10 stories high) and very thin (about one small apartment large). Even though the building is high, there are only 2 floors : the one at the top where I know my aunt lives, and the one at the bottom. There is a door on the street level that leads to my aunt's apartment and I can see no windows at all on the face of the building.
I open the door to get inside the building. It opens into a steep and narrow staircase that is going straight up with no landing. (This doesn't make sense because the staircase is much deeper than the depth of the building). It's dark, sad and gloomy, and so high that I can't even see the top of the stairs. I start climbing the steps thinking that it will take forever to get to the top and that my aunt must be a very lonely and sad person to live in such a grey and gloomy environment.
I finally arrive at the top. My aunt is waiting for me at her door and smiling as if she is expecting my company. She seems genuinely happy to see me, invites me inside and starts showing me around. Her apartment is bright and happy-looking even though it's a bit nude. Her living quarters consist of 2 rather small rooms with large windows. Everything is brightly-lit and looks comfortable. I'm thinking that it's a very nice apartment, much unlike the rest of the building and the city which seemed so grey and sad-looking.
I ask her if sometimes she feels lonely up here all alone. She tells me that occasionally she does, but that her "observatory room" keeps her busy. She points the room to me. It's a completely white and empty room that is part of her apartment but not really part of the building. It is sticking out to the side, like a sort of projection out the side of the wall of the building. All 3 sides of this white room are covered with glass from floor to ceiling. They open out into the sky and city below.
I look outside : the sky is completely white and the room looks much higher up than the height of the building. I look down and see the city and surprisingly, it's not grey and gloomy anymore, it's a bright shiny and gleaming silver and seems bustling with life and activity. She has a beautiful view everywhere. I don't think she lives in a sad place anymore. End. (The light in the observatory had the "blinding-light" quality that I have seen before in dreams featuring deceased people.)

As for my interpretation, it is quite simple. Even though I have little hope as far as planetary peace is concerned, I still incubated a dream on the theme of peace (mine and world peace). This dream simply tells me that to see the beauty, meaning and peace in what surrounds me, I must elevate (or distance) myself, and observe from another angle: when I'm at ground level, everything appears gloomy, sad and grey but as soon as I arrive on the top floor everything is clear, bright and happy. Beauty and peace were there from the beginning, but if I stayed on the ground, I could not see it.

En ce qui concerne mon interprétation, elle est toute simple. Bien que j'aie peu d'espoir en ce qui concerne la paix au niveau planétaire, j'avais tout de même incubé un rêve sur le thème de la paix (la mienne et celle du monde). Ce rêve me dit simplement que pour voir la beauté, le sens et la paix dans ce qui m'entoure je dois m'élever (ou prendre mes distances) et regarder le tout d'un autre angle. En effet, lorsque je suis au niveau du sol, tout me paraît lugubre, triste et gris. Aussitôt que j'arrive en haut, tout est clair, brillant et joyeux. La paix et la beauté étaient là depuis le début, mais si je restais au niveau du sol, je ne pouvais pas la voir.

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