6. Jean Campbell (USA)

More credit for Roger
(Plus d'honneur pour Roger)


I was the manager of some Internet sites. Someone by the name of Roger had made a donation to one of the sites, but I realized that this was a small site, and he should get credit for the donation on the larger site. I didn't know how to make the transaction though, so I called on Richard Wilkerson to find out how to transfer the account from one site to the other. End of Dream

It seems fairly clear to me from this dream that, Roger, I don't feel as if you are getting enough "credit" for the contribution you are making with the Planetary Dream, so I've been asking Richard if there isn't a way to expand your credit. At the very least I can say to you that I feel you're doing some wonderful work, and I do hope that others give you credit for it as well.
Now, it's not much of a dream, in the sense that it was one of those very brief snippets just as I was waking up. We held our own Solstice Celebration and Giveaway here last night, so I was tired from cleaning house, making food and playing hostess. But at least I was in the right ballpark... I think.

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