9. CVC
(United Kingdom)


Night 20 to 21 December 2014

9.1 - Time to travel, time to reflect !


5 h. du matin

S 1 - I am walking up a steep road, it is cold, very wet and muddy ! There are houses on my right but they are all empty. I can hear a car behind me : it is an old fashion car (1950) like Cadillac. A group of over 10 young men and women are cramped in this car.
I reach a large building and enter through an old rusted gate. There is a courtyard with a large fountain in the middle. The centre of this water feature is a massive stone representing a palm tree. Water has been stagnating for a long time and is very dirty.
The old car enters and parks near the gate. The youngsters start dancing on very loud rock’ n roll music.
I check several buildings : all hospital wards ! Beds, shelves, papers… it is dirty and very wet !
It has been abandoned in a hurry ! What a depressing place !

S 2 - The same environment but in a different time shift : the future.
I am in a room located in a basement. Living conditions are really bad. Water is dripping on the walls and the floor is covered with a thick layer of mud.
There are many rooms all over crowded mainly with children ! A little girl aged 9 or 10 asks for water. The nurse replies : “Sorry darling, you are not on my list for water today !”

I am outside with the little girl and her parents. Suddenly she smiles and starts flying !
She said : “With the right intention you can fly. My parents cannot do it because they are too heavy ! Come on Catherine, focus !”
Upon wakening I mumbled the words “the raising of consciousness”


This dream seems to be drawing our attention to the past (pre 1950) and the changes (climate) that were taking place. No one was taking much notice.
The second part look at issues such as : living conditions, water stock etc.
In this dream there is no green at all… just a symbol (palm tree) nothing else !
Could this be a ‘vision’ of our future ?

Night 21 to 22 December 2014

9.2 - Ship wreck

1 h. du matin

I am waking up on a beach, lying down on a wooden board : it is a door ! I look around and see a ship but no sign of life. Boxes are scattered on the sea shore. The sun is high in the sky and it is really hot ! I am very thirsty but I know I cannot drink sea water !

I am exhausted and need a rest. I put the door flat against a large rock, this should provide shelter !
I decide to sit down and rest before exploring the area. I am determined to find other survivors !


I woke up feeling quite ‘helpless’. Yet, I feel a strong sense of survival and a determination to find others. Fresh water is also an issue in this dream !
Like my previous dream, warning signs are obvious !

Night 22 to 23 December 2014

9.3 - Children play


1 h. du matin

I am walking on a beach (again). I can hear voices in the distance so I start running! The sand is very fine and the wind strong ! There is nothing else: sand, rocks and sea !

I reach a wall made of boxes. This is a shelter for a group of children !
Then I see them – the survivors - a group of kids from all ages. They are surprised to see me as few adults they know survived ‘The Big Event’.

The group is well organised : every decisions is taken by all group members. Members are valued for their skills and each has a role to play !
They are surviving from sea produces and demonstrate a great deal of creativity.
They build a wall in a U shape to protect themselves against the wind and the sun.
They take care of each other and seem to operate on an intuitive level, somehow they seem to be communicating telepathically.

They show me the content of boxes : Tins of soup, pasta, vegetables, jam jars all with an expiry date : 05 June 20?? !
I cannot read the two last digits ! I am shocked and woke up !


It feels like this dream is the continuation of the previous one/night. These dreams have left me feeling quite ‘helpless’, what have we done to our planet ?
What is this Big Event ?
Perhaps I should incubate this theme too… and keep you posted !

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