11. John Corbett (San Francisco, USA)


Nuit du 20 au 21/12/14

12.1 - Time Extension


Dream 1 - 20 décembre - Remembered in the morning

I have some implication into a discussion regarding time extensions.

Nuit du 21 au 22/12/14

12.2 - Group Realizations


Dream 2 - 21 décembre - Remembered in the morning.

I am watching the display that summarizes our accomplishments as a group. I am discussing some details with a girl.



Slides Illustrations

(voir le Rêve planétaire 2013)


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S6 S7 S8



S- 9 & 10
I just see on TV the last release from the serial "The America Unearthed - The blood stone". It is about a stone held into a restricted/undisclosed area in Chicago. The stone origin is not well known. There is some discussion about the European origin. by the end there is an invitation for audience to contact the "hystory.com" web site if there is significant issues related to the subject.
Above is a collage containing a picture of the stone and a dream slide we did process related to "Alcheringa 2015". 

If you believe that it is the case to send a copy to the History channel for The America Unearthed show, please let me know to get in touch with them, and if you have time please let me know the IASD/EASD/ONIROS recomended policies for this kind of dream originated observances. 

J. Corbett, 4/1/15


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