8. CVC (Grande-Bretagne)


Night Sat 21 to Sun 22


8.1 - The village

3 am

S1 - I am walking in a nice village. It looks clean and tidy ! All the houses are the same, they have a round shape with a chimney in the middle like yurts. The walls are decorated with beautiful hand painted themes: flowers, birds and colourful abstracts shapes. People are welcoming and smiling but they speak a language that I do not recognise. A group of children are playing in designated “safe” area: the ground was covered with sand and small pieces of rubber. There is a small paddling pool and some swings! A couple of young women are interacting and looking after the children. They are clearly having fun!

S2 - I leave the village and walk along a narrow path between fields (looks like potatoes but I am not sure). Men and women are busy working in the fields- they seem to enjoy the task. I can hear them singing and laughing. I am listening but still unable to identify the language.

S3 - I am reaching a “wild” area… with tall scrubs and trees! Behind the tress, I noticed that a very tall wall with barbed wire has been erected. This wall has some kind of protective purpose!
I woke up!


This was a lovely place where I initially felt comfortable. My first impression was that it was a well organised and peaceful environment but the presence of barbed wire puzzled me greatly ! Why this wall ? What language were they speaking ? No transport, why ?


8.2 - The play area

4.30 am

S1 - I hear noises and wake up. I am in a hammock suspended between two very tall trees. I am not alone ! There are many hammocks in those trees and all seems to be occupied by women. They are watching the zone outside the wall.

V. F. - J'entends des bruits et me réveille. Je suis dans un hamac suspendu entre deux très grands arbres. Je ne suis pas seule ! Il y a beaucoup de hamacs dans ces arbres et tout semble être occupé par des femmes. Elles regardent la zone à l'extérieur du mur.

S2 - I am joining a group of men and women near the wall. Someone from outside the boundaries has damaged the wall to create an opening ! The group immediately organise itself to make the necessary repairs.

V. F. - Je rejoins un groupe d'hommes et de femmes près du mur. Quelqu'un à l'extérieur des limites a endommagé le mur pour créer une ouverture ! Le groupe s'organise immédiatement pour faire les réparations nécessaires.

S3 - I am in the village and watch the children playing. One little girl invites me inside the game area and gives me a small red ball ! Nothing like I ever seen before : it is the size of a tennis ball but made of light. The ball changes colours and moves by itself ! I start to feel warm and lighter !

V. F. - Je suis dans le village et regarde les enfants jouer. Une petite fille m'invite à l'intérieur de l'espace de jeu et me donne une petite boule rouge ! Rien que je n'aie jamais vu auparavant : c'est de la taille d'une boule de tennis, mais fait de lumière. La boule change de couleur et se déplace par elle-même ! Je commence à me sentir chaude et plus lumineuse !

S4 - I lost my shoes ! I am now a little girl sitting with the others in the play area ! The light ball is now of a beautiful blue/silver colour and is floating just above my left shoulder. We all have a light ball… it is amazing ! We communicate telepathically and everything appears to be so «simple»

V. F. - J'ai perdu mes chaussures ! Je suis maintenant une petite fille assise avec les autres dans l'espace de jeu ! La boule claire a maintenant d'une belle couleur bleue/en argent et flotte juste au-dessus de mon épaule gauche. Nous avons tous une boule claire… c'est stupéfiant ! Nous communiquons télépathiquement et tout a l'air d'être si «simple» !


I woke up with this thought : «Things do not have to be so complicated, we need to look at things differently… in a new light.»

V. F. - Je me suis réveillée avec cette pensée : «Les choses ne doivent pas être si compliquées, il nous faut regarder les choses différemment… avec un nouvel éclairage.»


Night Sun 22 to Monday 23


8.3 - New vibration


2.45 am

S1 - I am waking up, someone is singing… it is a crystal clear voice… and it feels like every cells in my body are vibrating to this sound ! Other voices are joining and it feels like the vibrations are rising higher and higher; this is beautiful.

S2 - I am walking with many children and notice that my ‘light ball’ has the colour purple. I know what they think and feel… We stop to drink water from a water cascade. I notice that the place was filled with many insects and animals…. Giant butterflies and bees…. I see some rabbits playing in a nearby field. It feels like a different world!

S3 - Children are gathering and discussing telepathically some topics. I realised that all these children are in fact ‘adults’ taking another shape… and that the light ball makes this process possible. They are telling me that in order to achieve this state, I have to let go of everything that is not necessary !


This dream makes sense to me at a deep level ! Somehow we need to reassess our priorities and make important changes. Our planet is beautiful and we need to raise our consciousness to ‘see’.
This dream left me with a sense of peace and positivity. The future looks promising ! Maybe I am a dreamer ;-)







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