The New Rural House
Half Naked and Loving It

Richard Wilkerson
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The New Rural House
Friday night 20 December 1996, 2:30 am PST

I'm being shown around someone's new house. I think it's a relative of mine. The house is really nice. It's a rural house, like a Mid-Western USA area. It is separated from others in the area buy a couple of acres. There is a lake nearby. I don't recall the details of the house, but it is two stories, a basement and there is a lot of room for a one family house, probably 6 to 10 rooms on each floor. I recall being impressed with the laundry room, how well organized it was.

Half Naked and Loving It
Saturday Morning 21 December 1996 7:20 am PST

I'm at a Christmas office party at a bar or restaurant. It is in a city, but undesignated, anywhere'sville. Maybe Berkeley, California. I'm wearing only a tee-shirt and quite naked from the waist down. I'm both aware of this and of how odd it is that I'm not very concerned by my nakedness. I seem to even gain some kind of "cool" social status from others for being this way. While walking around chatting with co-workers, a CEO comes in and announces a problem with the computers and that they are very slow and how this will hinder everyones work. I suggest a re-routing plan to bring up the speed. In my mind the plan looked like a plumbing system.

Comments on the dreams & Law & Value in the 21Century:

The new house is obvious, just as in astrology, we are moving under the influence of a new house. Jung's psyche=house just empahsises the idea that the house I imagine we are moving into will shaped by both collective and personal values. The rural setting is unexpected (I usually see the 21C as quite urban megalopolis') and perhaps this reflects an view that new order will not be city rooted but set itself off a bit from neighboring ideas and values while at the same time being able to stand among them.

The two stories speak to a two tales. Perhaps some of the old binary polarizations of him and her, black and white, young and old, poor and rich, will be able to find a place in the same collective plane. I'm impressed in the dream that the laundry, the dirty clothes that taint the two stories can find some space organized just for this endeavor. Perhaps when the cleansing of societies' dirty little secrets forms the ground of the two stories, the foundation will hold and discover its own soul in the process.

Half Naked, I'd like to enter the new Century. There is an indication here that desire can be sane rather than the root of all evil. There is a level of communication where we can all be out there, and be celebratory at the same time. The Christmas Party, when seen as the celebration of the birth of a new order of being, allows for a wide variety of old connections and rituals as well as the opening of the presents and presence of new gifts. There is a sense in my dream that for me the computer revolution will an essential part of this. At first there will be some difficulty with everyone coming online and the demands being so high. It will worry the top officials in the world, but eventually these problems will reveal themselves as illusions that good plumbing can route around. Gather the light, allow for the dark. Let's step bravely into the new Century, Half-Naked, full of desire and celebrating what we have done, are doing and will do.

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