Linda Lane Magallon
San Rose -- USA


I am a god, standing alone. I am encased in what looks like see-through plastic wrap. It's surrounding me like a second skin, perhaps less than an inch wider than my body. Within the skin is a chaos of multiple dream-events, squeezed in and layered atop one another. I can hear a cacophony of human voices.

Outside me is total blackness, but my eyes are closed to this. I am focused within, only aware of the dream movies which are going on inside my second skin. They surround me like the colorful images in a holodeck program, so that I am deluded into thinking that this is All That Is. I am a Universe unto myself.


Now I am aware that I am not standing on the ground of my dreams. I can't see it, but I can feel that I'm actually emersed in a current. That's because the "second skin" has collapsed into a inner tube which surrounds just my torso. It's barely keeping me afloat, my head above the current.

However, there is a white line attatched to the tube, a combination life line/telephone line. Through the line I can hear at least one (male) voice from the blackness outside. He is standing on the shore next to the current, pulling on the line, trying to haul me and the tube onto shore. There may be other people next to him in this dark Multiverse.

Associations: I-as-Gaia plus I-as-a-single-ego-dreamer

Dream #1 - Gaia, fixated on what's going on within Earth's atmosphere and oblivious to her fellow planet-gods in the larger galaxy. Also: a single dreamer, believing dreams reflect only HER private world and oblivious to any psychic-social connection. Each is a "law" unto herself.

Dream #2 - Not a developed image, but rather an interim black-and-white sketch because the future is not yet fully materialized. Gaia's old "dreams"/past value system/old laws are keeping her afloat (but barely). The current "current" is the Tao attempting to sweep Gaia along an old Fated path. Through communication/cooperation, Gaia is being hauled into the ground of Free Will. In a multiverse, I-as-Gaia am no longer a lonely god, but one of many.)

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