Dream 13

Two dreams

Jodine Grundy
Cincinnati -- USA

12/21/96 7:00 am (US EST)

I am traveling with my family. Very aware of my daughter, Lea's presence and that of her partner, Chris. But it feels as though my whole family is present even though I don't see each person distinctly. We have been on a long journey and seem to be moving household as we have much,if not all, of our worldly belongings with us.
We stop for a rest and to get something to eat. We are parked near a park-like area and some nondescript buildings. I get busy and get out my trusty frying pan and begin cracking eggs into it to feed everyone. Then I look around for a source of heat to cook this "on the road" meal. I spot a barbecue grill behind one of the buildings and think: "oh good! we can just use the excess heat in this grill, 'borrow' energy from our neighbors at this park, as the grill is already hot and it won't take much energy to cook our eggs."

As I approach this grill I see that around the corner is a much larger cookout area with lots of cooking area and more fuel and coals underneath, already hot and smoking. There is a cookout in progress with sausages and other meat already sizzling there. Seems now my daughter is carrying the pan with our eggs to this community grill to finish the cooking. People begin to approach from the Park for the meal. Many people. My attention is drawn to them.

Next scene: Lea is back at our vehicle and the eggs have been cooked and eaten. I am eating some bread or crackers as the rest of the family had the eggs while I was focused on the approaching crowd of people. We are getting ready to go, our last part of the journey home and I'm checking on everything to get ready to leave. I ask Lea if she packed the frying pan as it is my favorite cooking implement. She assured me she had.

Last scene: I realize we are in Hyde Park, just a short distance from our own neighborhood, Clifton, in Cincinnati. Nearly home, we begin to move again.

12/21/96 8:45 am (US EST)

The dream location is outdoors but near a set of buildings, an old church or meeting hall. I am with a friend B.and I feel affection for him and spontaneously give him an affectionate kiss. He is appreciateve, but a little startled and fearful of the gesture, afraid of entanglement, involvement. Not spoken, just subtle pull back of fear.

But all the same we go together inside to a gathering of many people, men and women. There is a heightened energy in this assembly and there is a purpose to it, a spiritual, religious event though there is no specific ritual happening, no prayers or preaching. The people present are vivid and several of them, especially the women, wear clothes of bright colors and beautiful designs.

I lie down on the floor of this place, stone floor I think, with my friend and others who are already there. They are sleeping and dreaming, yet awake! I feel the curve of my friend's body and the presence of the other bodies and it is a good feeling.

Then we rise up and begin to dance! There are two main groups that begin to do a line dance, free form, in a long stretched out spiraling form. (The dream becomes lucid shortly after this as I reflect within the dream on the form of the line dance and realize it is or is like the pattern of the Aboriginal image I meditated on before sleep.) But before this awareness I am intensely caught up in the movement of the dance. There is one man I see to my left, bearded, middle aged. At some point it becomes known we are dancing his dream spirit, his dream guide is leading or occasioning this movement of the dance.

The line moves quickly and I jump in with my companion between several women who are very strong dancers and have strong spirits. There is a woman dressed in very colorful clothing, almost like a gypsy. Her black and red and yellow patterned clothing has small shiny objects attached, perhaps tiny mirrors, like on Indian clothing. She has beautiful thick black hair and flashing black eyes. Her name is DYANA. As the dance reaches its climax I am now vividly aware that there are two spiral line dances occuring in adjacent rooms, not completely separated spaces, just a sense of two areas.

Then the dance concludes and people sit down on the ground, except DYANA who is standing in front of me and to my right. She is addressing the bearded man. He is telling about how his spirit guide presented himself in this gathering and how moved he was by this fact and yet how he still had some fear, awe, or feeling unable to fully express in movement the Spirit's intent. DYANA urged him further..."Let go of ALL FEAR, let go fully!"

Now I understand this is the message. The man had said the name of his guide but I can't recall that name clearly, though I know it was an Aboriginal or primitive name. But what was important, more important than the name, was the counsel: to go further than seemed possible via letting go of all fear.

Last scene: I am alone, traveling en route home. At an airport. I go to get or check on my belongings/baggage and have a key in my hand to the locker where it is stored. It is the second unit from the left in a most unusual storage system: silos! There are connected metal silos, very tall cylinders with a door in the front of each. I use my key and open mine and am surprised and a little amused to see there is another door to a smaller unit inside the chamber. This creates a space where part of the unit is tall and tall objects can be stored, but part is a large, but more usual storage locker within the metal silo. I was about to open this inner chamber door when I was awakened before the end of the dream.

I send you two dreams which resulted from the visual and thematic incubation for the Winter Solstice planetary dream call. I was deeply moved by both of these dreams in their relationship to my own family/tribe which was assembled under one roof for Christmas and for the greater planetary tribe. Other family members spontaneously dreamed related material this same night as well, but I include only my own two dreams at this time.

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