Making Love/
We all make a home together

Jill Gregory
Novato -- USA

Making Love

I anticipate my long-time lover's arrival at our rendevous site. He and I have been lovers on many levels for years. We are very comfortable together and enjoy a happy, healthy and stable relationship. We are adults and are very much attracted to each other and bonded to each other.

He arrives - on time as usual. We are so happy to be together! We feel calm and excited at the same time. We feel comforted and familiar at the same time. Such exquisite intimacy - such a safe and growful place to be!

We join together in pleasure and make love with each other so sensually - following our rhythms of slowness and quickness, of gentleness and passion. We are true and faithful friends and we are true devoted lovers, meant for each other and well-practiced in the art of our connection. I revel in the joy of our intimacy and in the thrill and relief of our reunion.

Our love-making continues through the night. We awaken with joy and satisfaction. We treasure our sweet moments together in the all new morning. The eternal nature of our bond, the necessity of our inter-mingling is a constant in our lives.
We are both so privileged to know each other and to so deeply connect. Our love literally celebrates life !

NOTES : As the dream fades, I awaken to my husband making love to me. Afterwards he goes to the kitchen and I fall back to sleep whereupon I have this second dream - also for the Planetary Dream 96.

We all make a home together

I am living in the outskirts of a different town. Our house is a plain and simple white single-story dwelling of average middle class. My family and I live there with several unusual animals.

Our roomates include two adult Bengal Tigers, two adult African Grey elephants, and two large adult hippopotamusses.
We have taken them in since the small fair or circus who previously owned them was no longer able to care for them.

Our house is modified to accomodate them. The rooms are quite bare so things do not get trampled or destroyed. The walls are white and the floors are linoleum. I long for a regular-looking home but choose to stick with this practical arrangement since living with these animals is the most important thing to me.

The animals all are free. They walk in and out of the house, sometimes walking down the streets to the town. They come and go as they please. I know that the world out there is not as safe for them as here so I am dedicated to maintaining this home for them regardless of the sacrifice required of my personal pleasures. I feel privileged to be doing something magical, something very special in providing a living situation in which these different species can get along and find fulfilment.

I discover a short-hair female, domestic kitten of which I had been unaware. She was living in our bedroom closet and growing just fine by going through our house looking for edible food. She apparently had been eating quite well on the dry dog food she found left in dishes and by drinking clean water at various locations through out the residence. Her fur is a brown tortoise-shell and she is about 6 to 8 weeks old.

We also have an 8 - 12 week old puppy living here who is a friendly, domesticated Golden Labrador. The puppy and the kitten play together. I am happy that the environment that we provide is such that it is possible even for those who are unnoticed or forgotten to get by quite nicely, to be able to easily fend for themselves and fit into the social sphere.

All of these animals get along and we are a happy family. I feel especially drawn to the pinkish-grey skin of the hippopotamusses as they cross my path in front of me heading to my left. I also feel especially drawn to the intensity of the faces of the tigers as they come towards me. And I feel quite drawn to the ears of the grey elephants flapping back and forth as they walk away from me.

An male Inspector is coming from the local Humane Society. I am concerned that my house will have a minor safety violation or perhaps be judged too messy or dirty for my wild animal care license to be renewed.

When the Inspector was there, I asked if the Humane Society wanted to take care of the animals and find them good homes. I was not in a state of emotional neediness to be the one to do the care for the animals. I realized that I could let it go if it was the right time and right alternative situation. But the Inspector said no. They weren't equipped to care for the animals and were glad that we were doing such a fine job. I realized that I would be judged less critically since there were no others in a position to offer better arrangements. I was happy to continue as we had been for the past, several years.

To me our peaceful and mutually satisfying co-existance was a magical and mystical experiment of great and historic social importance. I felt privileged to be able to participate in such an endeavor. I loved these magnificent animals so much! This was worth the expense, time, committment, responsibility, disruption, delayed gratification and expense. I felt such great joy at seeing these incredible animals up close, and yet enjoying them being free, safe and content with their unusual living situation. They could roam the streets, go to town to obtain special things from the shopkeepers, and return when they felt like returning, to a home where they were welcomed, valued, and respected. This is a social experiment worthy of my lifetime! My identity revolves around this unique perspective and experience. I feel bliss.

NOTE : I awaken, realizing that I have received my incubation dreams for the Planetary Dream 96 project. I know that these two dreams are both saying that the fundamental laws of healthy relationships which provide the underpinnings for satisfying relationships as male and female lovers and provide the healthy underpinnings for satisfying relationships across species, (domestic, wild, and human) are the laws that we are to embrace as we enter into the next millenium.

Then, afterwards, (after I have Dream # 2) we are in the kitchen of our home drinking coffees. My husband tells me that he wanted to show me his love by making love to me again but then he decided to show me his love by letting me sleep a while longer. As he tells me this, I feel very loved and treasured. I realize that the powerful incubation for the "Planetary Dream 96" has spread beyond the confines of my own mind to the atmosphere of our bedroom and has elicited from my husband this wonderful experience of bonded love and love-making.

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