4. Schwager
Toronto, Canada

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[December 23, 1999, about 6 am, local time]

There are people suddenly appearing on columns or pillars in front of large buildings way up high. They seem to be delivering a message. I see one in front of my apartment building. Wonder how he got up there. I am living in a N. Y. style sky scraper with windows everywhere. I hurry to close off all the lights, they seem to be on in every room (the lights), so they cannot look into every room.

It seems to be a new trend (this pillar thing). I go down to meet J. (my daughter) and W. (my husband), get to the entrance of a school where they are showing a mannequin, who is wearing pregnancy clothes. I look at the dress, the skirt is one wide tube with a string, the top a vest like a bra, cute. I plan to copy it so I can make it for J. I also see an adorable baby outfit, all knitted one piece, out of (Egyptian) bleached cotton, knitted. Want to buy it. R. arrives with M. (her mother) with Nemo (her little baby), she does no longer need the pregnancy clothes.

I have to rush to get on the boat to go with W. and the rest. We get on and I remember I left my black purse where I was looking at the stuff. I run back, see the purse, grab it then race back to the boat (train), that is leaving. The driver, captain, sees me and points that I can get (still) on at the front. So I jump, really high, fly in to the boat. I could have taken the steps (I see them there). He lets me in, says : ăSee you again, it feels like I will not be finished with you yet╚. I join the others, who are sitting at the bar, I move into the seat that is there, but am also part of another circle.

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