9. Goshengolly (USA)

9. Filing medical records


I dreamed of filing medical records and progress reports in an upright rectangular white box that had unusual cuts in the box for storing paper and disks and other information media. There were other people in the dream, and we were outside in the daytime. Everyone was busy here in data collection and assessments. It seems like some mutual dreaming was going on.

I want to add a note to my dream entry re : collecting and filing "papers" and communications.
I work in healthcare, and deal with medical records all the time. So I may have been interjecting a "subjective" metaphor into the dream I had. What I have noticed here is dreams of "paper, information collection, gathering, information storage, and chidren," so far. Given the current news media we are flooded with here in the U.S. (small pox vaccines, protecting the most vulnerable, etc., it would make sense that we dream of our most vulnerable, which are the children in the world...).
We may also be dreaming of "the inner child" metaphor, which has become an important therapy in the new age movement in the healing of grown-up adults. Also, I am hoping that we do actively engage in collecting dreams to safeguard our future, so I'm "tickled pink," to see data collection and paper themes coming up. Not that this is what we necessarily are dreaming of, but it is my own personal projection and wish.
Peace to us all, and praying for the New Age of Enlightenment to manifest its full power right now on our dearly beloved planet.

Note : Dreamrita dreamed of disks and media, and a rectangular shape also...

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