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10. Two faces to face up to


6 AM EST (USA) - In an early fragment there is a long rectangular gift box wrapped in stripped paper, gold and white, maybe some other color which upon being opened contains the body of a child, either dead or feigning death. Part of some demonstration or protest.

In another fragment somewhere in the dream, I am trying to hold together a large colorful stack of disks or records, which have been set out on the floor in a long row. I am looking for a long enough rubber band or some cord or something to bind them together. Later I am at a public place where several things are going on... I pass a games arcade and see a child about 5-7 years-old maybe, whom I know playing in there. As I proceed to some gathering, it is as if I am part of what is going on, for I am handed some pieces of paper which are questions, three of them, as if written in advance of a speaker's arrival--a well-known dream expert like Patricia Garfield--with some notes made by the woman who handed me the requests as if noting who had made them and why. One had to do with relationships--there was a b&w picture or sketch of a middle-aged man with a beard but not a big bushy one, more like salt & pepper hair closely clipped. He looked rugged and very masculine. The querant was apparently asking a question about him. The other questions and notes, I don't remember. I go into a lecture room with the seats arranged in a sort of semicircle, theatre style, with the lecturer(s) in the center of a the wooden floor. It seems to be a fairly informal setting but a part of it has a large mirrored device, with two balls with some kind of rod connecting them that can be adjusted to balance. The child I saw before is playing with it and I or someone else suggests that is not a good idea. My attention is then taken by some objects on a low table, like another display. One is a very small mirror, like a boudoir mirror, handled and silver backed. I pick it up and look into it. I see a face which seems divided into two parts, one side is distorted, the other is almost featureless though they are perceptible but not clear. I put it down and remark, "Not a pretty sight !" I realize that perhaps I am being made to see two sides of myself, and it is challenging. I run over in my mind Jungian concepts of shadow, etc. (Don't remember the lecture or lecturer.)

Later still, I am standing in a hallway outside of that room, holding a bag which contains apples (I know they are but can't see them) and have yet another object somewhere which I consider taking to the car so as not to be overloaded on leaving. As I am deciding, a man comes along with whom I seem to have traveled to this place. He is looking for the child... I tell him s/he is in the arcade playing games, but he says, "No, I saw him/her in the psych lecture hall with you." I admit that the child was there, but left and is back in the games place. He goes to get the child. I wake thinking about the deeper message of the dream, about the two sides of everything, and that the very "games" that are being played in arcades (and in world politics) are often ones involving conflict and a win/lose situation, but those bombs and crashes and hits promote war, not peace.

Grandkids here, one of whom crept into our bed and slept between my husband and me, little arms and legs everywhere like an octopus, but also cuddling close like a puppy at times. Not surprising I should have a child in my dream from which I awoke about.


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