19. Mariposa (Espagne)

19. Shopping in Malaga


11 H 15 CET - I'm shopping in 'Malaga' - although it's nothing like waking life Malaga. There's a large piece of undeveloped ground in the middle of the town which I walk across during the dream - maybe more than once. It's quite hilly in parts, at one point I think I'm going to get stuck at the edge of a drop, but then I see a path down to the town, which I follow. (I'm slightly disappointed in a way, I was hoping for a longer walk.). I come to a row of shops, which I'm familiar with in the dream, I've been here before to shop. (Again, I don't recognize these from waking life.) There's one on 5 floors which I think sells mostly cookware - household and kitchen stuff. It's a shop I like, and I walk around it, just browsing. I'm not really looking for anything particular on this trip, just here for something to do really.
Later I'm with a friend (who I think was my college roommate), we're both browsing around the shops. But it's getting late and some of them are closing. I think of taking her into the cookware shop, but they are starting to lock up. We look at some clothes that are displayed outside a shop that I know is expensive. There are a couple of dark green sweaters that I like, and don't seem to be too expensive, although I can't see prices on the ones I'm really interested in. One that I'm not so keen on costs 39 euros, which I don't think is too bad. But eventually I don't buy anything.

I live in the south of Spain, quite close to Malaga. The 'Malaga' in the dream bore no resemblance to waking life Malaga. I lost contact with my college roommate more than 30 years ago, I don't think she's ever appeared in my dreams before.


Mariposa : [email protected]

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