18. Chris (Grande-Bretagne)

18. The new classroom


8 H 00 (GMT) - I am heading into a classroom, full of students. Upon entering it feels different, somehow I have never been here before, everything seems new. I don't recognise any of the pupils (they look about the same age as me) and the teacher is a woman wearing glasses, with long curly black hair. I talk to her and we start talking - I remember having to give her a telephone number - I keep writing it down but I can't get it right. Outside the classroom I meet 3 men. We sit down on the floor and start talking. Soon the conversation gets around to life and "what it all means". I try and explain to them my view on life that money is not everything and it doesn't matter if you have a "BMW" or a large house - it's how much love you experience in your life that matters. This is met my lots of strained expressions and quite a bit of ridicule by these 3 men. I question if I should have revealed my thoughts on life to them, but I am happy to have done so as they might start to explore some new ideas.

I have had recurring dreams all my life about returning to school - I think, looking into my life there were lessons to be learnt that I was not learning and my dreams were trying to tell me this. This dream however marks a BIG turning point in these "school" dreams. This is the first time I have experienced a new environment/teacher/pupils and I get the impression that my dreams are telling me that I am moving to a new "lesson" or learning time in my life.


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