1. Catherine Vander Cammen (India)

1. 1. Hospital shift


I am working a late shift... in a children ward. It is late and all the the children are asleep.
Suddenly, a tall chap walks in ... with a trolley and two "bodies".
He asked if he could let them with us... the others wards were full !
We agreed.
The bodies were not moving so I became quite concerned...
I removed the sheet... and discovered that the bodies were not humans...
They are "aliens" ... long, thin, grey.... with huge eyes !

I woke up feeling frustrated because I wanted to "see" more !
To me this dream suggest that we should accept everyone.. regardless of their origin !
Unless we should get prepare for an alien invasion ;-))


1. 2. The dragon


I am in a museum... walking down a long corridor...
At some point, the roof becomes like a glass... and I can see all sort of sea life forms.
I could see very well sharks and many others smaller fishes.
Suddenly, another creature sat on this glass roof... it was enormous !
It was something I never saw before... green/ brown.
Then, the creature turned and I was able to see clearly the whole body : it was a dragon !
I started to talk to a member of staff... who suggested I spend sometime outside... in the garden area.
I walked for a while and reached this beautiful garden... with large rocks, a pond, large palm trees, etc.
There, I saw a couple of dinosaurs... resting near the clear water...
This environment was so alien to me...
Then, as I was about to leave, a large dragon appeared... with a smaller one ...
I woke up !

Again, this dream left me feeling frustrated because I wanted to "see " more !
But, it was a lovely experience... a peaceful scene... where myth and reality seem to blend nicely ;-)


1. 3. The school


I am in a school... with many children... all under 15 !
We were helping the kids to plan a trip ... abroad!
Our role was to prepare them for this trip...
Several buses/cars arrived ... taking the kids away...
The atmosphere was relaxed... we were all in a happy mood.
Suddenly a colleague shouted : "We forgot the medicines".
Indeed, we noticed that the medicines box had been left behind... it was too late !
We all started to worry... because we knew it was an important trip and without medicines the kids would be at risk !!

I woke up feeling quite anxious... as if I really forgot to do something !
Maybe, this is a message to all of us... "what are we doing to our kids ? "

Catherine Vander Cammen, Ph.D
Kolkata/ India


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