2. Richard Wilkerson (USA)

Returning to the Shark


I'm with several friends and we cross a desert and then a rocky area above a beach. I am carrying a shark under my arms. We get down to the ocean/bay and I let the shark go. As I do, I see that the shark goes after a woman swimming close by. I feel like I have discharged my duty and want to turn away and leave, but just can't. I go back into the bay and pull them apart and bring the woman up to the shore. People on the shore treat me like a hero, but I just feel bad that I created the situation.


I'm not sure yet how this might apply to the year, but it has been very useful to me personally, in that there are just those situations where I want to get rid of some problem, but its not the time to do so. Perhaps, culturally, we all have to not dump the shark onto other people and cultures, but to learn to carry it a little bit further.

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