3. Juhani Kääriäinen (Suède)


Nuit du 21 au 22/12/10


3. 1 - The payment

1. I was in a big hall somewhere in Sweden.
2. Some people were there too.
3. I noticed a young woman with a child.
4. I had to pay something with my credit card.
5. There was a credit card terminal which looked like a styled pedestal.
6. I went there and prepared to pay.

It was a short dream. As usually, I'll use my numeric recording system where one sentence is a scene. This presentation method makes my dreams primitive verbally, but easy to illustrate and analyze. I believe the waking brain has less possibility to "manipulate" the plot with "wrong" filling words.

Incubation was poor because I installed new Mac Lion OS just before going to bed about 24:00 hours.
Very tired. I paid the Lion OS with my credit card which probably gave inspiration to my "dream maker".
Strong day residue, I think. Young lady, child and hall don't give me associations at the moment.

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