2. Richard Wilkerson (USA)


Fertiles Lakes (lacs fertiles)

I am hiking with friends in the mountains. As we come up over a ridge, there is a lake down in the valley below. The lake is very clear and I can see many fish; large, strong fish, maybe large trout or salmon. As we hike down to the lake we see there is a ridge beyond it and yet another lake, even larger, with many more fish. Again, they are very large fish. I feel they are a very powerful school of fish, connected with something old, like old growth redwoods or ancient moss. I feel that we could live in this valley and have plenty to eat.

Contexte et commentaires

I felt like we were early american pioneers, crossing west across the country and looking for a homestead or place to settle. The fish reminded me of a series of earlier dreams in my life where there were powerful fish were swimming in my house, as if there were water close to the floor, and so I included this in the picture, the flying fish. The face/hand is more of an emotional statement expressing the amazement around these ancient mariners.

Richard W.

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