3. Juhani Kääriäinen (Suède)


A correct case number and name doesn't match


1. I was visiting my childhood home in Finland and standing on the home lake beach.

2. I saw 2 lines in my mind's eye.

3. Someone had combined these case lines incorrectly.

4. The support case number was not connected with the right name.

5. I had to correct this error with the feminine support instance.

6. While calibrating the mistake facts, I woke up...



I think this is mainly a "local" dream but the link (dream scene jump) to Finland might give hints about some global associations.
However, the dream might have had deep roots to my childhood in Finland which in turn explains the dream environment jump.

I'll choose to develop the "local" dream work path because it's feels stronger :

There was a tiny conflict at my work which might have triggered (residues) the dream.
Our Human Resources boss has surrounded himself with too many HR female workers and can't (anymore) understand some male gender problems in our male dominated technical support work place. Feelings, hormones and chitchat rules in a place where neutral talk with non-dramatizing logos is needed. The root-cause of this conflict was organizational-technical.

In my waking life I tried to digest how to open HR-boss'eyes that he has gone too farfrom male reality in order to see the root-cause. My dream language showed 2 incorrectly combined troubleshooting case numbers. Combine again and the problem will be solved !

Conclusion or lesson from my dream :

Perhaps I should find and use my feminine part in order to communicate the message "line" to our HR boss. Keep in mind that even a tiny non-gender related conflict may hide Yin & Yang related aspects. That option must be considered too. In fact, this idea came into my mind while doing this dream work. I am not 100% innocent in this conflict, maybe 20% :)

My dream couldn't give a direct answer when it tried to calibrate masculine and feminine thinking. I just woke up. Anyway, the dream forced me to analyze and focus on this issue.
Thanks dream !


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