1. Juhani Kaariainen (Helsingborg, Sweden)


Nuit du 19 au 20/12/17



1.1 - Hotel booking option for extraterrestrials

Dream date : December 20th, 2017 
Written down directly after awakening before 07:00 AM


Incubation phrase day/s before : “ Encounter with an extraterrestrial”

1. I read a general hotel booking web site or paper version page
2. Observed a new smaller square on hotel description
3. It showed to be an option for extraterrestrial guests

4. Place changed to my neighbourhood below the hill
5. My old boss was there
6. I tried to login to my surprisingly old work computer
7. Computer didn’t work

8. Suddenly I was walking up a small park hill somewhere 
9. I was dressed in summer shorts
10. Higher up was a tiny primitive toilet hut
11. Did pee there
12. A part or urine run out from the door opening
13. Walked down the hill to a barely visible grass path
14. Some young men walked the same wide path with me
15. One borrowed a jacket to me so I felt more comfortable



I'll use my usual numeric presentation.
I feel that this was one dream even the setting changed 2 times from the start.

Thank you for arranging a new Planetary Dream again!
Hopefully everything is fine with you. Here is nothing new. 
Just work and everyday life. My dream studies go slowly 
forward but at least they are moving into right direction


Email : [email protected]





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