Dream 5


Friday night

I dreamed of a computer program, like a game. Usually I'm a character in my dream, but this time I wasn't, I just observed this. This computer game had four different characters in it, like the Beatles. I saw a computer screen, divided into four quarters. The screen image had a black border and in that border was a silver line, like a chain or something. Each of the four quarters of the screen had a picture of a different character. Then the borders between the four quarters of the screen disappeared, forming a single image of four people, I think they were men, dressed in black. They were walking over sandy ground, away from the "camera," away into the horizon, which was a bright blue sky. I had the distinct feeling when I woke up that there was more to the dream.

Background and a message from Sam

My name is Sam. I am male, aged 26, a citizen of the United States of America. I was pretty tired that night I had the dream.
I'd also like to say "Hi everybody" and "Thank you" to everyone who participated in or facilitated this dream-in. I have high expectations for this, and I hope we can all do this again next year.

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