A1. Linda Lane Magallón

1. Belief Structures of the Inner City (12/5/98)

I am watching a dark-haired minister who is looking at his little church, located on a city street corner. Then, as the minister, I recall that the congregation constructed the church while the city was a tiny town in Wild West days. (I picture people framing a structure with 2’ x 4’s.) My concern is whether the small interior will now hold the city’s population. I see a wedding in progress with people filling the pews and realize that the space still holds all the original townspeople. There will be room as long as they marry within their community.
(This part of the dream refers to the Association for the Study of Dreams. As an original board member, I “ad-ministered” ASD business. Two ASD members married each other at the last conference.)

I walk from the church to an adjoining room, which is larger than the first. I presume it has a function like a church hall. Initially this communal room is full of round tables, set with dishes and silverware, and I wonder if it serves as a restaurant. Then my attention is drawn to the brightly lit floor and the tables disappear. The floor is white, mottled with grey. Because it is slick and seamless, I think, happily, that this room would make a great dance studio.
(This part of the dream refers to the San Francisco Bay Area Dreamworkers Group, which I co-founded with Fred Olsen. BADG had a “Communal Room” at the 1996 ASD conference to cater to the needs of communal dreamworkers.)

I seem to go out into the city. There are many salons where different ethnic groups gather to eat, drink and dance. For instance, I recall a couple of people doing Celtic dances atop a bar in a rowdy salon. The city has the look and feeling of San Francisco at the turn of the 19th century. Because there is lots of dancing in the city, I’m happy to realize that we (the congregation) could do a great community service by providing a place for folks to practice their dancing before they go out on a night on the town.
(This part of the dream refers to my research group, the Fly-By-Night Club.)

However, when I return to the room, it has changed again. It’s much darker, almost a fog. And it’s full of antique silver dishes (like plates and vases) atop and within several glass display cases set up at odd angles in the room, like a store that’s going out of business. I wonder if the store displays these items so that they may be sold to support the church.
(ASD is soliciting auction items for their next conference.)

Outside again, I notice another church kitty-corner across the street from the first. The exterior of the second church is quite ornate. I’m impressed with how the city has grown. I talk to someone on the street corner. Then my perspective shots from ground level to the top of the original church building. Now I’m a young man looking down from at least 10 stories above the street. I have a panoramic view of the city. It seems to go on forever.
(This is the “Inner City,” a concept from the Jane Roberts-Seth material. The Inner City is a user-friendly place for dreamers to meet and undertake projects within dream reality. Both Seth and Edgar Cayce believed that whatever exists in the waking state is first dreamed; that we create physical reality from the inside-out.)

I use a variety of binoculars and then a hand-held telescope to see below. >From this upper perspective, the self below appears as a man with his back to me. At first, the man seems to be wearing a black cloak and has a rather sinister appearance (the Man In Black). But as I adjust the focus of the telescope, I suddenly perceive color. The man below is not wearing a black cloak; he’s wearing a red super cape !
With dual awareness, I super jump to the top of the second church. It has a fat, Roman dome and I land on top. I feel myself to be female. I’m aware of the young dark haired man staring at my back. I don’t want to show him my face just yet, so I decide to turn this spying into a sort of hide and seek game.
(The “fat Roman dome” is the Sethian belief system [Seth was pictured having a bald head]. Both Jane Roberts and I were ex-Roman Catholics.)

As the young man, I observe the super jump and wonder if I can fly, too. I think maybe I can learn if I’m given a tandem ride first. As the flying female, I launch myself directly backwards at the young man. All he sees if the red cloak filling the picture (there’s no logo). Just before I’d smash into him, I flip upside down and sail over the top of his head. I can feel myself doing this as I watch the young man on the roof. As the young man, I observe the aerial acrobatics as I feel my head turn. I see that the flying female has wavy, mid-length dark hair and is dressed in traditional super hero attire, with yellow belt and red boots.
As the flying female, I move away to a point where my face is not easily recognized (without spy equipment, that is). I continue flipping over to a standing position and stop in the air. I turn my head and grin back at the young man. He may not recognize me, but he can clearly see my grin.
(I’m planning to come to the next ASD conference dream ball dressed as “Super Dreamer and the Kryptonite Factor”.)

Upon waking I heard this voice in hypnopompia : “What I have to say concerns the future.”

Linda Magallon
[email protected]

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