1. Victoria Quinton (Mermaid)
Frankston east, Australia


1. Three men and a pig/Trois hommes et un cochon


I don't know if this qualifies under Death and Rebirth... but...


S1. In the kitchen of an "amalgam place of many houses I have lived in", I was with others, including my mother and some close family friends, planning meals and comparing itineraries with family and friends to visit over the holiday season.
Some of us had been shopping, individually, and I had seen live pigs at the market.
Back "home" I had nonchalantly backed an entire live pig into one of the shelves of the fridge, in amongst other shopping.
I had everyone's bags of shopping to put away.
Once all the shopping was put away, I let the pig out and it ran around in the back yard.

S2. I was a student of some sort. My mother "gave me permission" to take the afternoon off.
I was wearing my wedding ring.
I caught a train into town; without having a particular destination in mind. I walked past a lane in Chinatown and a Chinese man asked me if I'd had lunch. When I said no he asked if I'd like to join him and we'd find a noodle restaurant. I agreed.
We walked further into town together, past a brazen shop with a loud domineering woman in it who tried to get us to stop at her porn cinema, which was in a secret way through the back of the shop. We didn't stay long and I confronted the woman about false advertising and shamelessness, as the shopfront said something completely different (but the details of that I cannot recall).
We walked on further and found the Brigadier from the Dr Who series, who mentioned a Dr Who companion called Vicki. We knew she was no longer in the series and I told him he must be in a time warp. He smiled.
He joined in our walk along the street. When we found a noodle restaurant and sat at a table Jerry Seinfeld was there already.
I looked forward to an interesting conversation and a welcome break from routine.

Victoria Quinton
[email protected]

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