2. Richard Wilkerson
San Francisco, USA

Young Woman/Jeune femme

[December 22-23, 1999]

I am lying on a couch or bed with a young woman. We have been getting to know one another for several days and decide to have sex. I am a little concerned due to her young age and expect her father or brother to interrupt us. A brother does come in, but she is not concerned, and so I decide to not be concerned either. I have one leg off of the couch and she slides down my body. She holds her genitals with both hand and slowly opens herself up and engulfs my penis. The brother is getting himself something to eat from the kitchen. I am drawn back in time emotionally to the 1960's. The room feels partially like a hippie den, with wooden wheel tables, candles, macrame plant hangers and a casual, social flow. The young woman continues deeply engulfing my penis and then rising up on my body and the couch. I am fairly passive and my attention continues to contract around the sex act and then unfold out to the comfortable feelings of the room.

Notes : Day Residue. Last night I went to the beach with my wife to watch the moon, which was unusually full, bright and close to the earth. The weather was unusually warm. When we got to the beach it was dark and just before moon-rise, just after sunset. There were fires and small groups of people that lined the coast. I have never seem so many night-parties. The tide was very low and the beach went out nearly a quarter mile. We found our friends and I talked to a man about the Senoi dream people. He had recently been to New Guinea and had contact with people that rarely seen outsiders. We talked about how dream sharing used to be something more natural, done around fires during the night and morning. Afterwards, I walked with my wife for miles on the moon shadowed beach.

Dream Notes : "Young Woman" is hard to interpret as the imagery is so literal and corresponds so directly to the Death and Rebirth target picture. I will repeat the themes anyway. Mating with the New Millennium is an un-avoidable parallel. In a sense it is odd that the young Millennium is already mature enough to have sex. But perhaps that is fitting, as the new Millennium is ready for us, even if it is nascent at the same time. In the photo the character hold his/her hands over his/her genitals and a vaginal opening in the world appears below him. It is at the same time an egg and a fetus. Perhaps my oedipal fears match the hesitancy I project into the picture and the hidden lower chakra. In the dream, there is still fear around her father and concern about her brother. There is something odd about his feeding on or during our coming together. For me, I am concerned about the masculine aspects of the 21st Century and hope I don't get eaten up by the new revolutions on the horizon. The digital revolution, the biotech revolution, the capitial markets revolution. Hopefully, if I am loving and careful with his young sister, the brother will be content to take the food sacrifices, like we do with Santa Claus who takes the milk and cookies.

Sacrifices for the 21st Century: A woman said me the other day how horrid the Aztecs and Mayan people really were as they sacrificed so many people. I too have a hard time accessing this, but I thought about how many people we sacrifice in America every year to the Transportation Gods. Its 50,000 for automobiles alone. The Aztec sacrifices kept the sun going round, and the transportation sacrifices serve some other deity that I keep hoping that virtualization will alleviate. That is, people will work more from home and local, walk-to computer stations rather than commuting, commuting, commuting. But virtualization has its own dark brother. I hope we learn to make conscious sacrifices to this new deity before it begins demanding them. I was very happy about the deep immersion and the bohemian values that were part of this dream. I hope to see both more in the 21st Century.

Richard Wilkerson
[email protected]

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