12. Jodine Grundy, USA

Communal Seed Path [December 22, 8H, CST USA]

I am walking with Rich and Lianne who are pushing a baby carriage and also with Terry who is ahead of us on the road or path. It is a natural environment, but somewhat developed as there is a path or road like in a national park or forest. Terrain is wooded, but ground is rather dry and dusty. Reminds me of California, or perhaps Australia. I go between Rich and Lianne and Terry, back and forth, weaving our group together by my back and forth movements.

Rich and Lianne complain or note that Terry is not waiting for us or some comment to that effect because he has gone on ahead. But my sense is that he is focused on something, on where he is going personally but also in a way serving as a scout or guide for all of us.

Terry picks up a unique long seed pod bundle, soft and complex, full of dark black hard seeds. They seem to be tree seeds, rather flat and hard. (Dream lucid here and I try to identify what actual tree these seeds come from). He is examining them and breaks the bundle apart to let the seeds come out, several of which drop on the trail.

I am very interested in this and pick up some of the seeds. Then I am with Terry and he draws with a stick in the dust on the ground, indicating by a rough map the area we're in and a choice we can make about our walk. He roughly sketches the whole area and points out an area on the map where there is a water feature, a falls or a reservoir or lake. He says that is is about a two and a half hour hike to that place. He also notes that of course, we'd be getting there late in the day and would then have to hike back out as well.
Note : the four of us in this dream lived together communally in California many years ago and are still closely connected to one another.

Wake, Awake for Night is Flying [December 22, 8H30, CST USA]

I dream that T. and I are staying at a resort kind of place. I look for him and he is gone. It seems he has gone away, driven somewhere and I don't know where he is, when or if he'll return. I feel a great sense of loss, of death, but it is not dire or traumatic, just empty, like utter aloneness. It is morning. I look for his shoes to see is he might have returned and be somewhere else. I look in adjacent rooms and no sign of him.

Then I go farther down the hall and come to a large spacious room like an airport waiting room. It is filled with many people, all dressed in sophisticated black clothing, like New York styles, artsy too, or Zen like. They are sleeping in their seats in this waiting area. When I come in they stir and wake. It is morning and the feeling is: time for breakfast! I am wearing a bright orange life preserver around the middle of my body. Like an inner tube flotation device, but of the material of airplane flight life preservers.

(Dream becomes lucid and I am aware I have experienced a "death" (loss of T.) and profound aloneness/emptiness. I also have experienced a "waking" into new consciousness and preservation of life.)


Birthing Weave [December 21, 1 H, CST USA]

One image: I see a straw colored woven cloth of natural fibers. It is an exact replica cloth that covered the Ecuadorean artifact I purchased for my daughter at Solstice. It is a birthing fetish, 3 midwives surround a mother giving birth, a tiny baby is just emerging. This real object was recently fashioned to exactly replicate objects found in Ecuadorean excavations.

The Stallion [December 21, about 1 H, CST USA]
Dream fragment : one image only : a powerful stallion, male, healthy horse, dark, very large and very alive !

House of Familiars [December 21, about 6 H, CST USA]
I am walking along a road, natural area, perhaps a rural area. Come to a familiar house along the way. The natural environment is pleasant and feels good.

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