A1. Unknown dreamer/Rêveur inconnu

The Neighbourhood is Getting Crowded/Il y a foule dans les environs

This is my contribution to Planetary Dream 1999 :

I return home to find that a house has been constructed between mine and the neighboring house. As I look more closely, I see that our house has been surrounded by others, built in neighboring yards. They are nice homes--one is a large ethnic design based on a mud or stucco style--but they're very close. If I had seen the problem coming, I might have bought the surrounding land.
I leave the scene and end up cooking a dish, maybe on television as part of an educational program. I'm showing people how to make good vegetarian food.

Note : Before sleep, I focused on the Death/Rebirth theme. [My immediate concern with overpopulation was tweaked by watching a film in which young people made love without protection, by the birth of a child to an unmarried and unemployed young woman I know, and by reading before sleep of thousands killed in the mudslide in Venezuela.]
This dream seems to suggest the death of a way of life : living in large houses separated by yards. Even in my small town, I am aware of population expansion and the resultant crowding of streets, schools, healthcare centers--and my neighborhood. I might wish that I had found a way to keep more space to myself, but historically it is too late for that. At the subjective level, my inner desire for solitude also gets nudged by the increasing need for engagement in local, national, and global problems. My dream solution to the challenge is to speak out in the media, using my teaching skills to change the dietary patterns of meat consumers and to educate people about ways to prepare healthier food.

Unknown dreamer
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