7. Juhani Kääriäinen (Suède)



7. 1. New Time Stamp system at work


1. I was somewhere GF-like or S-like work place.
2. Clock stamp system was changed by putting a bank account number on the card slot.
3. Jonas from S-team was there, for example.
4. He put his card behind the card table in his special way.
5. I put my card in my way into the card slot.
6. A Jenny-like person passed and chatted jokingly.
7. I answered back humorously.
8. The Company's  S-Team leader TJ was there too and just murmured positively.

REAL TIME : 2009-12-21
DREAM NAME : New Time Stamp system at work
FEELING : Realistic
DREAM TIME : 2010-04-12. best guess



7.2. Observatory and Art Show

1. I was in Helsingborg in an observatory.
2. There was a kind of Art Show too.
3. This observatory had Helsingor Astro Club's telescope.
4. We couldn't use it but it was a good training object.
5. I watched them and their start equipments.
6. Then the whole Astro Club came in.
7. We came somehow another time there.
8. I studied the Astro part of the Show.
9. About 2 persons will be educated properly to use telescope equipment.
10. A janitor-guard came in.
11. He talked with us and confirmed that innovation-club can use these machines
then much better.
12. Telescope was smaller than I remembered.
13. The other group roamed in the other part of the Show in the basement.

REAL TIME  : 2009-12-24
DREAM NAME: Observatory and Art Show
FEELING  : Curiosity
TIME  : 2010-01-15 best guess



Thanks for arranging The Planetary Dream as usual.
I am not sure how much environment issues are handled in these 2 dreams but the future may show. At least Money, Time and Observations were there.
I'll use my usual Numeric Dream Recording System.


My Numeric Dream Recording system is not so dramatic as it sounds.
What I mean is that my Dream Journal uses a simple formula :
One dream happening occupies one dream diary line which means
that a short dream with e.g. 3 happenings has 3 lines :

1. I was at home,
2. I opened the front door.
3. I saw a car on the road.


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