9. Catherine Vander Cammen (Grande-Bretagne)

20 au 21/12/9

9.1. Wasted resource

I am visiting a group of old friends/colleagues working in a large institution caring for people with multiple disabilities. I was told to stay away from the accommodations because major work was taking place. Indeed, I saw "widows" [windows ?] being replaced with a different design : an opening to the outside like in UK ! Workers told me that it was to make access to outside easier in case of fire. But, I was not convinced. All the residents were either in bed or using wheelchairs... Surely these new windows would not help in case of fire ! A better way would have been to open the wall and have large doors !



Upon wakening I asked myself the question : «They could have open large doors to access the outside... They did not... Why ?» I felt angry because this remedial action was not reducing the risks... What a waste...

To me, it feels like we copy from others, we lack creativity and fail to address the real issue !


Traduction Prompt (à corriger)

Je visite un groupe de vieux amis/collègues travaillant dans une grande institution prenant soin des personnes souffrant de multiples handicaps. On me dit de me tenir à l'écart des logements parce que des travaux importants sont en cours. Effectivement, je vois des fenêtres remplacées avec un design différent : une ouverture vers l'extérieur comme au Royaume-Uni !
Les ouvriers m'ont dit que c'était pour faciliter l'accès à l'extérieur en cas d'incendie. Mais, je n'ai pas été convaincue. Tous les résidents étaient au lit ou dans des fauteuils roulants...
Sûrement que ces nouvelles fenêtres ne seraient d'aucun secours en cas d'incendie !
Une meilleure façon de faire aurait été de percer le mur et d'avoir de grandes portes !


Au réveil, je me suis posée la question : «Ils auraient pu ouvrir de grandes portes pour accéder à l'extérieur... Ils ne l'ont pas fait... Pourquoi ?» Je me suis sentie furieuse parce que cet aménagement ne réduisait pas les risques... Quel gaspillage...

Pour moi, il me semble que nous copions sur d'autres, nous manquons de créativité et ne réussissons pas à trouver la véritable solution !

Nuit du 21 au 22/12/9

9.2. The children selection


I am at home relaxing with a good book when my attention is drawn to the television.
I am listening to some News... the presenter and people around him seem upset.
According to the News, the Government had decided to select all 7 years old children as part of an agreement with Aliens. I also hear that all cats under the age of 5 had been selected too. The Government asked the population to comply with these requirements without resistance. Obviously, Aliens agreed to come to help us and they hoped for our cooperation.
However, a small group of people in the South West were refusing to comply and trying to hide their children in caves and derelict mines sites. This resistance lead to a lot of troubles and the death of many children. In other part of UK and the world, children were ready to leave in large space ships.


On wakening, I had a strong feeling that «something» big is happening. Perhaps we needed to think «outside the box» in order to find solutions to our problems even if the process seems to be «alien» to us.


Nuit du 22 au 23/12/9

9.3. Selection of children ... continued !

Again, I find myself at home watching the News ! The same request was made by officials.
A group of Aliens were talking with reporters about their planets (three different planets).
They explained they wanted to share with us their knowledge in Crystal technology as this was the answer to many of our problems.
According to the Aliens, crystals would provide all the energy we need and more !
Crystals would enable us to access information to fields such as medicines, transport, IT, heating, lighting, etc. Aliens confirmed that our children would be well looked after.
They told us that the plan was that the children and their descendants would return on planet Earth after a major «clean up» operation.


Upon wakening I felt a mixture of feelings : sadness at the state of the planet and happiness knowing that there are opportunities... We just need to listen/act.

I also had the feeling that I was very old and that this scene was in my future !
I saw very clearly the images on the TV screen, the faces of Aliens.
The speech was clear and I remember being aware of making my own comments... as if I was lucid dreaming !

I experienced many flashes of this dream in the day !


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