1. Richard Wilkerson (San Francisco, Etats-Unis)


Nuit du 20 au 21/12/10



Love Puppies


I am lying down in a room that looks out to the ocean and beach. It is very warm, but winter. I'm very sleeply but amused at the activities taking place.  A woman comes in and lies down beside me, almost on me, and sets down a puppy dog, I think a little Lab. She then leaves and another woman, unknown to me, comes in and lies down in the same way, and leaves another puppy.  This continues a couple more times, some of the women bringing one, some bringing two puppies.  The puppies, now a half dozen or more, are romping and playing on the floor (end of the dream).

- While working on dull database items this week I began to get very tired and uncomfortable sitting in my chair. I put on a YouTube video of a classic heart chakra mediation, where the participants are encouraged to find the warm, glowing feeling of unconditional love in one's heart, then send that out to problematic areas.  I picked puppies playing.  I was very glad to see these show up in my dream.
- In terms of Planetary Dream Theme, FREE, what came to mind was the old Dovovan song YELLOW IS THE COLOR which has the line "Freedom is a word I rarely use, without thinking , of the times,  of the times, when I been loved."


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