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Planetary dream 1982

The Dream world

Winter solstice 1982

Night of the 18th December

"Armed with our dreams we have a weapon that can turn this society upside down by turning our lives around. The greatest battles waged throughout history have been within the souls of a few brave men and women. All the rest has been noise, an externalized reverberation from these great happenings. To work with dreams in the deepest sense is to be a leader in the revolution of human consciousness"

(William R. Stimson, The Dream Network Bulletin, vol 1, issue 1, Janv. 1982).

On december 18, in 1982, for the first time in the history of our probable reality, dream networkers across the U.S. and in Europe hooked on by telephone to share their dreams with each other and in this way to discover some aspects of our world dreaming.
Coordinated by Bill Stimson, editor of theDream Network Bulletin, nine dream-network centers stretching from Paris, France, to San Francisco and including the Austin Seth Center, each transmitted a dream to the other centers and thus produced "the first world dream" («Reality Change», vol. III, n° 8, february 1983).


The nine dreams of the planetary dream 1982

New Jersey
New York
Austin Seth Center (Maude Cardwell)
San Francisco

Planetary dream 1990

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