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alcheringa 2000

Let us dream our future
and realize it !


Alcheringa 2000 is a mythical event linked to our evolution

Junction and crossing point between Dream and Reality (the inner and outer world),
it is based upon the ideas of CYCLE and WHOLENESS :

    • The cycle

    Year 2000 will mark the beginning of a new century, a new millennium and a new era of 2000 years (according to the precession of equinox phenomenon, lasting 26000 years, the myth tells that in year 2000 we shall leave the Christian era of the Pisces to enter the era of Aquarius *).

    • Wholeness

    Planetary integration will be the prevailing theme for year 2000. An integration that would remain incomplete unless we take into consideration our inner dimension and the return toward origins it implies : the DreamTime **.

    Dreaming the Law : new values for a new era


As explorers of the dream world, it is our responsibility to prepare at best this evolutionary crossing by meeting each other inside this dream realm.
Following the first planetary dreams set up in 1982 by Bill Stimson, and in 1990 by Oniros association, five new planetary dreams took place, during the winter solstices, from year 1996 to year 2000.
A new set of Planetary dreams, related to the construction of the New Era (The New Age), has started in the Year 1 (2001).
Primarily using Internet (the virtual «World Wide Web»), those mutual dreams shared on a planetary scale are dream appointments to think and live in dream the dream we want to fulfil in our future reality.

* Such a cycle being also present in the Tibetan, Hopis and Mayas calendars (13 eras of 2000 years).
** In Australian aboriginal cultures : «The dream time/at the beginning».

The Dream Time

Planetary dream 82

Planetary dream 2021