The Dream Time

Aboriginal painting represents a 40 000 years quest which, contrary to ours, fits into the Dream Time.
Shared on a planetary scale, how the new era which is waiting us could take place without being filled with this ancestral culture centered on the Dream ?
Echoing the Wim Wenders’s movie «Jusqu’au bout du monde», the project «Alcheringa 2000 : let us dream our future !» seems to justify this apodictic return to the sources.
But what will itbe concretely ?
If the Dream Time appears still so remote and so inaccessible, it is undoubtedly because since saint Jerome the western, boreal, judeo-christian, linear and materialist culture grew away from its dreams.
Yet, by linking again the two faces of our existence (diurnal and nocturnal), it is possible to go back together to this Dream Time and to discover there its Law which marks the beginning...


A little bit of history

Nocturnal dream and «Dreaming»

The aboriginal painting

Planetary dream 1982