Keynote and Invited Speakers


KEYNOTE:  Dr Isabelle Arnulf is a professor of neurology at the Sorbonne University, Paris and head of the sleep disorders clinic at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. Her research thematics are focused on neurological sleep disorders, mainly abnormal behaviors during sleep (sleepwalking, REM sleep behavior disorders), sleep in Parkinson’s disease and central hypersomnias, and what these disorders tell us about dreaming.

Talk Title : Parasomnia: A Window Into Dreaming Process ?

KEYNOTE:  Dr Stefan Klein is considered one of the most influential science writers in Europe. He studied physics and analytical philosophy in Munich, Grenoble and Freiburg and graduated in biophysics. But after some years in academic research he started a new career as a science writer because he “wanted to inspire people with a reality that is more exciting than any thriller”. His latest work is Dreams.

Talk Title: The Road to Reality: How the New Science of Dreams Explains Our Mind

KEYNOTE:  Dr Penny Sartori worked as a nurse in a British hospital for 21 years, 17 of those being in Intensive Care. She has conducted unique and extensive research into the near-death experiences (NDEs) of her patients. In 2005 she was awarded a PhD for her research into NDEs. Dr Sartori’s work has received worldwide attention and media coverage and her work has received the attention of HRH Prince Charles.

Talk Title : Near-Death-Experiences and Visitation Dreams

INVITED: Dr Kate Adams is Professor of Education and Childhood at the University of Winchester, UK. Kate has done research into children’s divine dreams and spent two decades researching, publishing and presenting her work on children’s spirituality globally. A former Secretary and Director of IASD, Kate is co-editor of Dreaming in Christianity and Islam, and Dreams and Spirituality. She is the author of Unseen Worlds: Looking through the Lens of Childhood.

Talk Title: The Hidden Worlds of Children’s Spiritual Dreams

INVITED:  Dr Francesca Siclari is a neurologist and attending physician at the Center for Investigation on Research and Sleep of the Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland. She investigates the neural correlates of dreaming using high-density EEG and serial awakening paradigms and has done some ground-breaking work identifying what she calls the dreaming “hot zone.”

Talk title: The EEG Correlates of Dreaming




Planetary dream YEAR17/Rêve planétaire AN17


Winter solstice/Solstice d’hiver

Hémisphère nord/North hemisphere


Night of the 21st to the 22nd of December 2017
(and nights of the 20th to the 21st and the 22nd to the 23rd)

Nuit du jeundi 20 au mercredi 21 décembre 2016
(et nuits du lundi 19 au mardi 20 et du mercredi 21 au jeudi 22)

N-B. : the winter solstice will take place precisely on December 21 at 16 hours 27 minutes,
in Universal time



Incubation theme chosen by the dreamer


Aboriginal painting by Edna Watson

See : Aurélia et Michaël's blog (12/1/2009)





Night of the 20th to the 21st of December 2016
(and nights of the 19th to the 20th and the 21st to the 22nd)

Planetary dream 2016

A Dream turned towards the sky and the stars


Incubation theme :










The 2015 IASD Annual International Conference

at Virginia Beach, june 5-9, 2015

See :

The 2015 IASD Annual International Conference will be held on Friday evening June 5 through Tuesday evening June 9, 2015. The venue is the beautiful Virginia Beach Resort Hotel on the shore at 2800 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. with sweeping views of the Cape Henry Bay. (It should not be confused with the Virginia Beach Convention Center located on 19th St.)

The Dream Conference features world-renowned keynote speakers, over 140 presenters from around the globe, an opening reception, the Dream Art Exhibition and reception, a Dream Hike, the annual Dream Telepathy Contest, the ever popular costume Dream Ball and other fun special events appropriate to the beach-side location. Come meet and converse with your favorite authors and personalities as well as a multitude of kindred spirits interested in sharing the joy and benefits of understanding dreams and dreamworking.

The Program is multidisciplinary with a little something for everyone, professionals as well as those simply interested in dreams. It is organized in tracks for the best opportunity to participate in the discipline of interest to you and recordings will be available so that you can catch up on any lectures you may have missed. Sessions include: presentations; symposia; panels; workshops; special events; morning dream groups; and poster papers. Tracks include: Research and Theory; Arts and Humanities including Dream Theater; Education; Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy; Clinical Approaches; Dreamwork Practices; Mental Imagery; Dreams and Health; and Extraordinary, PSI and Lucid Dreams.

large button registerThe conference is held from the evening of Friday, June 5 through the evening of Tuesday, June 9, 2015. Online Registration is available! Note that discounts are available for IASD Members as well as A.R.E. Members and Haden Institute Dream Leadership Training graduates and current students.


Featured Presenter

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

Working with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Nightmares

Stanley Krippner, PhD is professor of psychology at Saybrook University, San Francisco, and a past president of IASD. A former Director of the Maimonides Medical Center Dream Research Laboratory in Brooklyn NY, his many books include the co-authored Haunted by Combat: Understanding PTSD in War Veterans (2007). He was recipient of the APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology, 2002.



Planetary dream 2014


Nights 20, 21 and 22 of December

The winter solstice will take place the 21st of December
at 23 h 3 (Universal Time).



Cliquer sur l'illustration pour accéder à sa source : le site Terre sacrée

Défense de la forêt amazonienne

Défense de la forêt morvandelle

Tribute to Rémi Fraisse (in french)

To participate, go to the Planetary dream 2014



International Dream Conference 2011


25th to 29th July 2011

Organized by the Dutch Association for Dreamwork (DASD)

Hermine Mensik


After several years of preparation, we are excited to announce the International Dream Conference in Amsterdam, which will be held on July 25-29, 2011.

The theme will be : Dreamwork : Unity and Honouring Diversity.

We have already spoken with several internationally renowned speakers and authors, as well as our Dutch dreamworkers, who will be lecturing and doing workshops on a wide variety of subjects :

• Fields of anthropology, sociology, parapsychology, philosophy, theosophy, psychology, theology and (comparative) religious studies (including Islam and Native American shamanism) as well as others
• Cultural patterns, differences and similarities in dream interpretation and cultural rituals
• Gender aspects in dreamwork
• Spirituality, mindfulness and peace
• Theatre, dance, art and film

We expect to have participants from many different parts of the world : South Africa, South America, Japan, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Canada, the USA and Europe.

The main language at this conference will be English, but we would also like to invite speakers of Dutch, French or Spanish to attend and participate in these languages.

This conference will be interesting for academics and people who are interested in the study of dreams in conjunction with university studies, for dreamworkers and for laypeople who are interested in the study of dreams and their meaning.

Please take a moment to register on the website and for more information you can click through to our new website.

We are looking forward to making this conference an unforgettable experience.

This dream conference will be sponsored. Because of this, we intend to cover some of the costs of travel for people coming from certain non-European countries and to provide a fee to a number of presenters at this dream conference.

We will have more information in the near future with the details about the conference program as well as information about sightseeing in our beautiful city.

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